CFO Services

These days having a Chief Financial Officer is more valuable than ever for the small business owner.

Most small to mid-sized companies don't have a dedicated Financial person to help make financial and budgeting decisions for their company.

A smart move for one company could be unreasonable for another company and understanding what to do requires experience and insight.

Accounting services are very important for correctly organizing and understanding the activities for your business.

Companies need a CFO to analyze accounting and use the information to make proactive decisions in the best interest of the business. For a small business owner, this could be a variety of things. With our forecasting tools, maybe we determine that you have too many employees - maybe you should open another office or hire more people - maybe you need access to financing and additional capital. The suggestions are different for every business.

In our opinion, the primary objective of the CFO is to grow revenue, tighten controls (mitigate risk) and cut costs. These objectives have a direct impact on the bottom line and can turn a loss year into a profitable year with the right advice.

At our company, we use our experience advising local and international businesses in a wide variety of markets and industries to assist our clients and make the right decision the first time. A CFO generally plays multiple roles, from reporting and controls to finance operations or strategy and execution, to address all challenges the organization May face. The cost of a dedicated full-time CFO typically starts at and typically exceeds $150,000 per year depending on the industry and size of business. As a virtual or remote CFO we can provide the same service (if not better) as a full-time CFO at a fraction of the cost. if your business is growing and you need assistance analyzing your data to make more informed financial decisions, schedule to call today so we can see if it makes sense for us to work together.


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